Cracker Cards Launch With A Bang!

Cracker Cards launched in January 2013 and are already hot on the market selling into Harrods, Liberty, Scribbler and more.  This innovative concept has overwhelmed customers and buyers by its, cracker like, snap element. The team of Cracker Cards attend many of the trade shows where they present and show off their new creation. One member of the team, Natasha Banks, thoroughly enjoys the trade shows and loves seeing people’s reactions towards the cards. She states “the reaction is always the same, people pull the Cracker Card without any expectation, when it bangs they are taken aback, amazed and slightly stunned that it actually bangs like a cracker, they are always very impressed”. The trade shows are excellent exposure for Cracker Cards. With a range of Everyday and Christmas, different shapes and sizes, there is a Cracker Card for everyone. If you haven’t trialled and ordered these exciting cards, contact Natasha for more information on 0207 729 8731 or

Cracker Cards