Santa’s Personalised Husky Okidä Plush Toy

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Includes a link to a personalised Portable North Pole video message from Santa.

The Holhooja Elves on the Polar Ranch in Santa's Village don't exactly know where mischievous little Okidä came from. They just followed the trail of torn wrapping paper and chewed elf booties and there he was! Although he's a bit of a handful, he's a sweet boy who loves to make people smile. Santa's mission for you is to care for Okidä and teach him how to be cheerful without making a mess! With your help, he can become a Champion of Cheer and help spread the joy of Christmas to all the inhabitants of the North Pole.

This Husky plush toy comes with a personalised video message from Santa showing how Santa loves to spend quality time with his animals and in particular with his new Husky puppy Okidä.

Product Details:
- H19 x W10 x L20cm
- 100% Polyester