Halloween Special, Cracker Cards!

Halloween Special, Cracker Cards!


Cracker Cards work with many clients throughout the year and they recently had the fun privilege of working with TOPS MALIBU, based in Hawaii, who “Add surprise to life & it’s celebration” by adding hidden, fun surprises inside their online gifts.

Cracker Cards are inspire by giving the end receiver a fun and memorable experience and the team saw this as a great opportunity as Cracker Cards are designed to hold flat gifts inside and the cards hold their own surprise as they pull and bang like a traditional cracker.


These Halloween special, cracker cards, kindly presented by our Creative Director’s 4 year old daughter, were filled with jokes, Good fortune notes, tissue hats and halloween themed transfer tattoos such as spiders and bats “to spark conversation, awaken creativity”.

These cards are on sale for anyone to purchase, please see the link below,


There are many Cracker Cards on TOPS Malibu website for Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and other occasions, filled with different surprises such as confetti, Fortune Fish and more! Perfect for celebrations!