Cracker Cards were on ITV's hit show 'This Morning'!

Cracker Cards were absolutely thrilled to be contacted last week to feature on ITV’s hit show ‘This Morning’ on Wednesday 10th December. The popular breakfast TV program, starring presenters Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden, focused on ‘This Year’s Best Christmas Crackers!’.

They explored 3 areas of crackers; firstly looking at traditional crackers for the whole family with fun gifts inside, secondly showing quirky/innovative crackers with a difference, where Cracker Cards took prime spot and lastly luxury crackers.

Cracker Cards “This is a cross between a cracker and a Christmas Card...these are really cool!”, as explained by the presenters were pulled apart and admired by Amanda and Phil. Amanda after pulling the Cracker Card remarks “Cute!” as they read out the joke and laughed!

Amanda Holden says: The joke is ever so funny – and then on reading the joke everyone agreed it was one of the better ones!

Joke: Q: How did Scrooge win the Football game?
A: The Ghost of Christmas...Passed!
Here are a few images taken from the feature;

Cracker Cards