Here are just some of the lovely comments we have received from people who are
crackers over our cards:


"I love these cards - I went into Selfridges recently and I thought they were by far the best in there :)" -Alice Mayor, We Built This City

"So excited to be stocking your adorable cards" -Jackie Wilson, Festive Glories

"WOW cool!" -The National Gallery

"We love your Music Box Cards, they are fantastic!" -Louise, Flourish Marketing

"My order arrived this morning.. so obviously I had to give one a go ‘for social media purposes of course’ - I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how impressed I am by the product!!" - Rebecca, Pastel Cactus 

 "We received all your fabulous cards today. We love them" -Sam, The Circus Sherborne

"Your products are truly beautiful and bring a smile to our faces!" -Becca & Lewis, The Clever Badger

 "These cards are amazing, what a brilliant idea!" -Kristine, Nest


Comic Cracker Card Range

  • A superb idea, well crafted. VERY highly recommended. -Leigh, Birmingham
  • Beautiful card, lovely idea.  -Phillipa, Plymouth
  • Amazing!!! How is this card such a low price?? The quality is fantastic and it's 
    a novel idea. Took me a while to work out how to write in it! It arrived straight away. Can't wait to see his face when he opens it!! -Samantha, London
  • My son said this was one of his favourite cards, he was a little apprehensive
    he pulled it and did it so carefully it didn't crack. After resetting, he pulled
    it much 
    better and the card cracked just like a cracker. Not the sort of card I've
    ever seen 
    before. -Katja, Peterborough
  • Excellent. -Rachel, Lincoln
  • Great fun way to give a gift voucher, prevents that 'couldn't be bothered to think 
    of a gift' feeling!  -Karen, Surrey
Super Dad  
  • Absolutely fantastic product! My dad loved his unique birthday card! Will
    definitely be ordering from them again! Thank you :) -Rachel, Liverpool
  • Really happy with this unique style of card, which I hope will bring big smiles to 
    some boys' faces! -Emma, Bedfordshire
  • Absolutely awesome card. Went down a storm. I think all my greetings cards will 
    be cracker cards from now on! -Laura, Leatherhead
  • Original design - not much chance of finding another one on the mantle piece 
    -Diane, Swansea
  • Great card. Recipient loved it! -Claire, Warwickshire
  • Great card, well made  -Frank, Twickenham


      Christmas Cracker Card Range

      Alpine Deer
      • Absolutely fantastic card!! Had loads of fun with it -Katie, Nottingham
      Christmas Dream
      • Something a little different. -Karen, Cheltenham
      Winter Lace 
      • Very good indeed - using them to liven up the gifting of vouchers -Kathryn, 


        Champagne Cracker Card Range

        Happy Birthday
        • Used as a money wallet for my son's 21st birthday very original and fun would 
          buy again -Julie Northampton
        • Fab idea :-)  -Angela, Somerset


        Bespoke Cards

        New Look Christmas Gift Card
        • @CrackerCards oh my god I got one of these, and I am actually amazed..whoever 
          invented these is some amazing person! @NickiMinajYes
        • These look really good, better than your average gift card presentation. -Alison, 
          on Facebook
        • So Cooooooool -Toni, on Facebook
        • I love my cracker card! Brilliant idea! :) -@pesi_page 
        • Got a New Look @CrackerCards gift card…Scared the life out of me when I opened
          it but loving the party hat that came with it #very funny @buttered_peanut
        • Wow just got given a new look voucher for Christmas….its like a cracker its sooo
          cool! @CrackerCards it has a paper party hat inside too! @lolliepoppxox0
        • Got a cracker card for xmas! Haha such a funny thing! @Natasha_Semedo
        • I got this really cool new look voucher and it’s a cracker and you pull it and it bangs
          and comes with a hat and joke it’s so bloody cool @layla_oneill
        • My New Look voucher came in a cracker, its the coolest thing I’ve ever seen
        • omg the new look vouchers are so cool its a cracker @mirainsheeran
        • I nearly gave myself a heart attack when I realised that the card my new look gift
          card came in was an actual cracker :’) @ ShanRandolph
        • I had one of those new look cracker gift cards and it’s honestly the coolest thing ever @StephanieeDaawn
        • By far the best voucher card I’ve ever had…#brilliant @theladiebee
        • @CrackerCards I love my cracker card. Its such a good idea it made my
          christmas :-) @emtwin52