'Christmas Dream' Cracker Card Pack

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Celebrate with a bang with these festive papercut style Christmas cracker cards!

Perfect for Christmas time, every card is embedded with a cracker snap, and goes 'Bang' when pulled open; just like a traditional Christmas cracker!

Now available in packs of 6 or 12, each card comes with a joke, a paper hat, and has slots to hold a gift voucher or credit-card sized gift if desired.

Christmas cracker cards are perfect for party invitations, greetings cards or on the Christmas dinner table.

Also provided in the pack is an envelope, instruction guide and an envelope sticker saying 'Pull me!' for each card.

Choose from a mixed set of both designs (containing 3 of each design), or single design packs containing multiples of the same card.

The Christmas Dream collection of cards all have a subtle pearlised finish.